ICT and the mature aged learner

This has been one of the best projects I have been engaged with for quite a while in the sense of having to learn things and then put them in to place. I embarked on the learning journey with the learners and have learned with them.
It has been a very positive experience for my personal professional development and, as a learning experience, it has been right up there.
Peter Hautot, IT tutor, South West SEAL

If we hadn’t already started in going down the path with having the infrastructure we may not have committed to it. It is a fine line. Anyone that has not started along the track would have found it difficult to meet the required outcomes.
Dennis Bell , EO South West SEAL

Blended learning at SEAL

SEAL has spent some considerable time and effort in getting up their own Moodle online delivery platform up and running. This project gave them the opportunity to set up a course on Moodle and deliver it initially to students who are currently attending the classroom sessions, encouraging them to access the online lessons between classes or when they have missed a session. for this initiative they set up materials online for the 20 hours Introduction to IT which leads to the Cert 1 in IT qualification.
For the learners it provides much needed continuity, as well as improved ICT skills and therefore increasing their employment prospects.
For the organisation it is an opportunity to design and deliver a course with an online component and evaluate its effectiveness with this particular target group.
SEAL is keen to establish a track record in online delivery with the community and hopefully encourage more community groups to access education at the centre. This in turn will help the centre better provide for their particular needs. What did they do? How
did it go? Read more for full details...

Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

For the team at SEAL a clever use of ICTs will mean that they are able to put more resource materials on their Moodle platform for students to access, as the range of what they deliver increases with access to online technologies. They also think that a clever use of ICTs could mean that:
  • they will be able to use ICTs to meet the diversity in the educational needs of different groups in the community
  • the students across their educational delivery will be able to access information that pertains to their course delivery much more confidently online
  • theywill also be able to partner with the smaller community houses.
What are the challenges, and key elements? Read more for full details...

Organisational capacity and educational reach

SEAL is a small ACFE provider based in the South Wst Victoria. It has a commitment to providing educational opportunities to students across the region. It has developed an online Moodle based delivery platform at: https://moodle.seal.org.au/
To find out more about their capacity to integrate technology into their course delivery,
read more for full details.

Community portrait

E-learning is new to SEAL's educational delivery.This project was all about catering for students who are working part time, and who can get to some classes but are not regular attenders. It is also for those who miss a class - a catch up mechanism. From a student point of view just to have access to the information in Moodle has been a great plus. Read more for full details.